I call Bullshit.

For most people success is rarely a straight line- it is full of misfires, stutter-steps, failures, and re-starts. Success for me started on an otherwise normal Tuesday, a day- like so many other Tuesday’s before it- that I could’ve made the choice to stay exactly the same.

But those decisions never really sound like how I just phrased it- do they? We tell ourselves we will start that “diet” on Monday… why? Because we just love how crappy we feel when we eat processed food, and we’d really love the opportunity to feel that way a few more days?!? And let’s not start that new workout regimen till the first of the month- because nobody ever lost weight or got strong when they started on the 13th, 17th, or 25th … right? Right?

It's total bullshit.

It’s total bullshit.

It’s all bullshit.   And yet we still listen to it, obey it, and believe it. We ultimately waste an incredible amount of time by being passive players in our own damn life story. Let that wash over you for a minute. By doing the same thing you have always been doing, by believing in the bullshit excuses, you are simply floating through your life completely un-engaged with your true dreams and goals. If you aren’t engaged and making choices that will bring you closer to those dreams then what exactly are you doing?

I have two major regrets from my weight-loss journey. The first was my all or nothing approach to food.   If I made a bad choice- then I would just chuck the whole day. I would essentially say “screw it” to making good food choices for the rest of the day… because I had already gone and messed it all up with ONE bad choice earlier on. That type of thinking allowed me to be a victim to the “accident/cheat/slip-up”, and lets be honest, I never tripped and fell face first into a pizza, I made an active choice to eat it. This rationale also alleviated me of any responsibility to practice self-control for the rest of the day. This bullshit set me back over and over again.

The second major regret was waiting so long to get into the gym- I wanted to wait till I had lost “enough” weight so that I wouldn’t be the “fat girl” and I would better fit in and fly under the radar. This type of thinking is SO SO bullshit on so many levels:

  1. That thinking means that the current gym members must be assholes and would look down on me for doing the exact same thing they did… join a gym to get results.
  2. Lifting heavy weight and following a training program is THE fastest way to ignite your metabolism and lose body fat… you know- the results I wanted.
  3. I was intimidated because I knew that I couldn’t perform the way I imagined the members inside the gym could. And I was right. But by not joining- I only confirmed that fact and delayed my own success indefinitely.


Here’s the thing- I know it takes a lot of guts to dress up and show up at a gym, especially in the beginning… you don’t know anybody, and you don’t know what to do- and everything feels weird and uncoordinated. You can do yourself a world of favors by hiring a personal trainer ahead of time. By hiring a trainer you can make sure that you not only perform exercises safely and correctly… but it also means that you’ll have a friendly face there too.

Here’s the thing… I think that we listen to the bullshit, like what I listed above, in order to keep ourselves safe. The reality is that we are all just very fragile, delicate souls. We don’t want to reach out and make profound change- because it could mean that we have to be really uncomfortable for a while. It could mean that our friends will be critical, or maybe even distance themselves from us… or coworkers may take potshots at your new “fanatical” ways. Making change would also mean that we have to shrug off our safe/damaging habits… which would leave us alone and defenseless to some dark parts of ourselves that are scary to confront. In fact- I can almost promise that there will absolutely be some really gnarly junk that you are going to have to address… after all, you haven’t been listening to bullshit for all this time, for no reason have you?

There is good news though y’all. Once you start ignoring bullshit, and deal with the real issues that lie beneath… there is happiness, balance, and incredible peace on the other side. It’s not all unicorns and butterflies 24/7… But you begin to recognize all that old bullshit when you see it, and you tell yourself to quit listening. You start defending your inner peace and happiness like your life depends on it- because frankly… it DOES.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to keep denying yourself your very own happiness… just sloshing along through a fog of a life? Or are you going to call out the BS, shrug it off, deal with it… and claim the goals and dreams that have been sitting here waiting for you all this time?

Much Love,


January Shiflett, RKC is a personal trainer, kettlebell instructor, obstacle course racing coach, and resident smart-ass at Maximum Body Training in Cartersville Georgia.   You can contact her for classes and training opportunities at January.Shiflett@me.com


Kettlebell Day: 12/20/12

My sister in law is in town for the holidays and was game to work out with me today (WHHHEEEEEEEEE! A workout buddy yea!!!!)… She is just getting started with Kettlebells- and rocked it out with 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest- going for two rounds.  Several people have asked me what to do in the beginning… She did exactly what I would suggest: shorter work times, less rounds (2 instead of 3), and she modified some the exercises to her capability. We both did the same weight- because I only have one set and we wanted to workout together.  I will list our workout below and I will put my sister-in-laws modifications in for those that are just starting out to see.

*A quick word about modifications… I make them when I don’t have the correct equipment or space, but they can also be made for your skill level too.  Just make sure you trade “like exercises for like exercises”. So an upper body pull should be switched for another upper pull, or push for push, or cardio for cardio.  For instance- if you don’t have the bench to jump over and back on- switch it for mountain climbers or burpees… as those get your heart rate up quickly just like the jump overs.  If the workout calls for renegade rows and you don’t have two KB’s of the same size to do them (or the capability)- then switch to bent over rows with dumbbells.  If you can’t do a full push-up, do inclined push-ups instead.  My point is that many exercises target similar areas as others- and while it may not be as “optimum” as the one the program has for suggested you do- you can compensate for it instead of cutting the move all together.  Cutting the move all together will likely leave you with an unbalanced work-out (one side worked, but not the reverse side).  Hope that makes sense… Feel free to comment if not, lol!

ANYWAY! On with the workout! Here is what we did (my SIL’s is in italics), and my reps are in the brackets. Go HERE to see the original work-out with out my modifications in it – and her video tutorial is imbedded in there as well 🙂

1. 50lb Deadlift Plus Burpee (10, 10, 10)
~50lb Deadlifts
2. Alternating Swings – 25# (28, 26, 25)
~2 Handed Swings – 25#
3. Dynamic Pushups (12, 10, 12)
~Inclined Pushups
4. Skater Hops (36, 34, 30)
5. Standing Bent Over Rows (18, 19, 24)
6. Alternating Single Leg Glute Bridges (20, 22, 23)
7. Mountain Climbers (40, 27, 39)
Then I RKC planked (click HERE for the how-to) for a personal record of 40 seconds… I am writing this 6 hours after the workout- and dudes- I am feeling that plank!

Repeat for 3 rounds at 40 seconds working and 20 seconds of rest.  If beginning- start out with 20 or 30 seconds of working and 30 seconds of rest. Again- I use the Gymboss App (Free!!) to keep up with the time and rounds.  Many Congrats to my Badass-Sister-From-Another-Mother…  She worked freaking HARD! I am so excited for her and this new adventure that she is on….

See you next time!

Running Day: 12/17/12 ~ Active Rest… Sort of.

I was so excited to receive a message from an acquaintance… She wanted to run together as she is re-starting her fitness program.  I was ready to go RIGHT NOW as today is an active rest day for me- and helping a friend start up on her W1D1 on Couch to 5K would certainly count (to me anyway).  So, a whole 30 minutes after we chatted- we were running (props to Mr. S and her Daughter for supporting our endeavors with a paleo fix and childcare help!). I had so much fun working out with another Chick!
Afterwards, I was still so giddy/pumped/hyper that I ran another 1.8 in <15minutes after we were done with her program.  And I must brag on her- she did 2.75 while very sore and without her inhaler. Pretty freaking badass in my book! So today’s work out:

-2.75 with friend (I ran 5 hill sprints during the run/walk as they made themselves available to me)
-1.8 run at 90% of my race pace.

For a rest day- I am pretty stoked!  See you tomorrow… Kettlebell day 🙂