Sports Bras for the “Blessed”!

Gotta wear em... support your girls.

I am almost a nazi about bras. The right bra can literally make you look dozens of pounds lighter. Please skip the mall lingerie stores and go ahead and go to a boutique like “Intimacy” or “Livi Rae Lingerie” (for the ATL market) for your everyday and special occasion bras… Especially if you think you are a D or larger. Trust me on this- just go and get fitted- and then thank me later. You gotta take care of the girls.

(Quick Ethics Disclaimer: I am a small time girl that is just rambling at the sky here on my blog- and as such- I am not a big enough deal to get free stuff to “review” on my blog. My bras were all bought and paid for by me- I do not receive any compensation for writing this- other than your comments  And just in case you were wondering- I wear a 32G… Returning to your regular programming…)


Champion Double Dry

Champion Double Dry

The double-dry from Champion. Old reliable.

That said- I have yet to find a sports bra at either of my favorite boutiques that worked for me. I like the girls to be lifted, supported, and most of all *separate*.  For years now I have been a huge supporter (all puns intended) of the Champion Double Dry Distance bra.  This bra has everything- it is a 3-hook-eye closure in the back, full coverage in the front, a decent amount of compression, and it has under-wire- which cures the uni-boob affect that most sports bras create for us “blessed” gals.  I have ran all of my Spartan Races, Warrior Dashes, hand-stand push ups, planks, burpees, road races, tire jumps, snatches… you name it- and this bra has kept the girls inline no matter what direction my body goes in.  No side boob vs. arm swing chaffing action. There are no “surprises” when you are upside down- like in a handstand or doing a burpee. The girls just. stay. put.  That said- the ONLY draw back is that I have a ton of tank tops (hello Spring?! Maybe? Yes?) that are in the racer-back style.  And while I will wear them- I hate the big-ole-grandma-straps showing. I have searched many many bra boutiques, online stores, and department shops trying to find the perfect racerback. Most commonly the problem I find with all others is that they create more back-fat than I already have, or they lack underwire- and my twins become a single. No Bueno. And that shit is uncomfortable.

UNTIL NOW. I have finally found a Racerback Style that actually works!!!

The No Show- by Champion

The No Show- by Champion

No “show-off” if you know what I mean. But tons of bragging points.

It passed the initial ” jump up and down in front of the mirror” test this morning…  So, I wore it to work out with a *super-cute-tank-because-no-straps were showing*- and it was a flying success! Champion was my wing-woman once again with “The Show-off Sports Bra“. I don’t know why they call it “the show-off”… there are plenty of padded petals to make sure the girls “high beams” aren’t obvious … and no cleavage is really possible?? I dunno. But I do know that I was able to wear a super cute tank- do my handstands, burpees, swings, runs, tire-jumps and all today. I did re-arrange a little bit here and there- I am figuring that is because I haven’t worn a racerback in so long- and I think that will likely get better as I break it in.

There are sooooo many pro’s to this bra… The first is the closure in the back. There is a double hook & eye closure- so you don’t have to dislocate your shoulder to get out of it once it is soaked in sweat. The next (depending on your preference) is that there is no underwire with this bra. For me- I usually stay away from any non-steel-reinforced-bra, as I have *never* got a decent amount of support from a soft cup. But again, I was happily surprised! I stayed lifted, supported, and *separated* during the entire workout! Finally, are the adjustable straps. The straps are wide enough to not cut into your Traps, but thin enough to have an length adjustment on them. This is such a big deal!  If I was forced to deal with the bra “as is”… I would have returned it- the cups were too loose for me. But by adjusting the straps by an inch or so- I got the “locked and loaded” feeling that I like from my sports bras.

So there you have it. Clearly Champion has someone in R&D that is female and has a blessed chest… and thank God for her. Otherwise, we would all be relegated to floppy uni-boobs.  If your are a smaller-endowed woman- Champion still has a TON for you too! Check out their site! My local Khols used to carry a bunch of Champion bras (they suddenly disappeared recently)- so check there too. Much love and support to you and your two best friends…