Obligatory Solo Race Pose

So in between the badassery of BattleFrog Atlanta and South Carolina… and before what is promising to be an ass kicking at Savage Race– I signed up for a lighter race- the Rugged Maniac.

I highly recommend this race for any first timer that wants to do something similar to a Spartan Sprint… but is not quite ready for a BattleFrog or a Savage Race yet. The distance is like the Sprint- around 3 miles or so, and the obstacles are challenging but totally do-able and approachable for those just getting into Obstacle Course Racing.  The Festival area was a little small- but had everything you need- from merch, to showers and changing tents, to music and games.

This guy... thought he had photo bombing game... great shot of the festival area behind him though! ;)

This guy… thought he had photo bombing game… great shot of the festival area behind him though! 😉

The Terrain: There were a few small hills along the course, and some wooded trail running. But for the most part the course designers stuck to the well-used wide trails that are already established on campus- keeping the hard/rooted/rocky/technical running to a minimum.

The obstacles:  I really enjoyed the obstacles on this course. They were all very approachable and just plain FUN… not too much of a mental block for most of them. The Walls were either ladder style (the taller ones), or the shorter ones had a lip on them that you could wedge your toe on to help yourself up and over with.  The barbed wire crawls were situated between muddy humps and mud ditches- but were plenty wide enough that there wasn’t any bottle neck to contend with.  Their gauntlet consisted of a wide balance beam with swinging bags to knock you off- but the catch is that those MASSIVE bags don’t weigh more than 3 pounds- so you can easily over-anticiapte (like I did) and send yourself off into the water…

The Gauntlet's got Tricks

The Gauntlet’s got Tricks

They also had a slippery slope (inclined wall with rope), and a particle accelerator (waterslide) as their big finish- which again… just total nonsense. But nonsense is fun!!!

Particle Acclerator: AKA Adult Slip and Slide

Particle Acclerator: AKA Adult Slip and Slide

They also had free race images- just like BattleFrog and Spartan. But- one BIG drawback: no bling. When I inquired about Rugged Maniac Medals, I was informed that they will be rolling out finisher medals beginning in September. I do hope they hold to their word as that would really be the only major complaint I have about this race.  So if you are looking for a race to get your feet muddy in- go for this one- it was a ton of fun, and I think a great way to get introduced to OCR’s!