My ass is clenched so tight right now y’all. I have never typed and backspaced as much in my life, as I have in the last 4 days.

I promised to post up some before and after photos in my recent post about when the numbers lie to you.  I had planned on taking pictures at my Spartan Sprint this past weekend- and pose similarly to photos I took a year ago at my very first Spartan. But frankly, I forgot once I was there and got ridiculously giddy about running the damn race…  Blog Fail. Then, through a boring chain of stupid-iphone-update-is-making-me-homicidal events (Read: I had to back-up my phone) I re-discovered photos I took when I started training with Beth at Maximum Body Training.  So I decided to see if I could find that same bra, and shorts and compare the differences. I couldn’t find the bra- it was tossed early on for getting too big… And I could find the shorts- but not the black ones… I found the same ones in gray. So I took the pictures… pic-stitched them together and started comparing piece by piece.

Okay. No I didn’t. I zero’d in on my belly and stretch marks and loose skin in every. single. picture.  There, I said it, STRETCH MARKS and LOOSE SKIN. ugh.

Clearly I solved the stretch marks last year by applying an Instagram filter to camouflage them, lol. I showed the side-by-sides below to a few close friends and family members who remarked about the changes, how great certain muscles or whatever looked. I replied, “What about my belly? What about those stretch marks? The skin?” Most said they said that they just didn’t notice. So I am here to announce that all of my friends are pathological liars. The whole lot of them. I need new friends.

Then I remembered how impressed I was with Lauren Fleshman’s viral blog post that Runner’s World re-posted about a month ago.  Her before and after photos were taken within ONE WEEK… This woman was part of New York’s Fashion Week with muscles people! She and a handful of other women were part of Oiselle’s Spring Show – she should have been on top of the world! She looked amazing! She gave hope to the rest of us girls out in gyms across America- that the Fashion Industry may just start making room for developed quads and biceps!  But instead, she found fault with images from her practices taken later that week. In these images she was unaware of the camera, not sucking it all in, and not uber flexing everything she had.  She posted ALL of those photos- and the response was overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to woman-up and post mine too. Hell, mine are a before and after from 28% body fat to 19%! I should be proud of those changes- and not just focusing on the marks and the skin. I would love to say that I have turned a corner and can see my body objectively- I am *trying*, but not there yet… My mentality is a work in progress along with my fitness goals.

So here you go- my before and after photos. The before photos are from 5/28/13. There is only about 10 pounds difference between then and now… I will add that I am absolutely sucking it in as hard as I can in the “before” pictures. I remember getting a cramp in my side from “holding it in” so long! It’s embarrassingly true! The “after” pictures are completely un-altered. No filters, no airbrush, no nothing. I didn’t suck it in- but I did make damn sure to stand up straight, lol. Till next time…

Generally firmer throughout core, bingo wings are gone, love handles MIA. Shoulders are starting to appear.

overall progress

Update: 09/29/14… Unfortunately my blog (and the server that it sat on) suffered a SNAFU and the above picture is the only side-by-side that I was able to capture. I do have the original before pictures- and I will post them below, with a few afters from the same time period. But I can’t seem to salvage the original “after” images… Sorry!

Core and Glute

And here’s an overall shot of how I looked at that time…

If I find my original afters- I will update again! I am so sorry!


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