Weightlifting Day: 12/30/12

This guy asked to borrow my warm-up weights...

This guy asked to borrow my warm-up weights…

I have attempted Front Squats quite a few times on my own- and they always seem to elude me, and I switch back over to my trusty back squats.  But I really do want to get these in to my repertoire.  I had Mr. S here with me again today- so I challenged him to help me get these damn things under my belt- correctly. Here’s a great little video on how to do them, and what a few of the common mistakes are. (Disclaimer: I don’t know what is up with the dude doing the intro, but whatevs… the tutorial is good).

Click Here for Front Squat Video.

So, I found out from that video that my wrist and elbow flexibility were the villains in my previous failed attempts.  I will keep working on my flexibility in those areas so that I can perform these bad boys one day with a “finger tip grip”. However, until then- I will work around it with the cross over grip.  The main reason that I wanted to learn these and start performing them regularly is for the ab recruitment that this type of loaded squat requires.  The dude in the video mentions it (“your abs will be sore”), but if you watch the chick- she is *really* straight up and down to keep that weight balanced.  That posture in this squat requires a crazy amount of core strength.  And since I HATE crunches, I am always looking for complex lifts that hammer at my core.  (Yet another reason Kettlebells are freaking fabulous).  So watch that video a few times, let your spotter watch it, discuss where your known weaknesses are so that (s)he can point it out to you.

So today, I obviously spent a good bit of time on the Front Squat.  I kept my “max weight” for the day pretty low and non-challenging so that I could really concentrate on everything from my toes to my neck 🙂  Here’s the entire session:

Warm up: Jump rope for 1 minute

1. Front Squat:

  • 10lbs x 8 reps
  • 30lbs x 10 reps
  • 52lbs x 8 reps
  • 62lbs x 6 reps
  • 62lbs x 6 reps
  • 62lbs x 8 reps

2. Push-ups (goal was to perform 35 total, and I made it!). I took like a 1 minute breather between each set.

  • set of 8
  • set of 10
  • set of 8
  • set of 9

3. Deadlifts (82 lbs for all)

  • set of 12
  • set of 12
  • set of 10
  • set of 10
  • set of 8

Cool: 1 minute of jumping rope.

I had planned on getting some tricep work in- but I just ran out of time.  Ah well….

See you next time,


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