Kettlebell Day: 12/26/12


Today’s workout should really be called “a little of everything” as it really was a huge variety workout. I really enjoyed it as it was demanding and kept my muscles guessing. It’s another interval workout: 40 seconds working and 20 seconds resting. There were 2 sections- each section repeated twice. Follow this link to get the original workout, and some video of how it looks.
I had to switch a couple if exercises (I swear I will get a bench when I grow up), but I was able to do the step ups on a regular footstool.

First Section:
-40lb Front Squat plus Reverse Lunge (left) {10, 8}
-Same on right {10, 8}
-40lb Barbell Rows {23, 20}
-35lb Push Press on Right {12, 12}
-same on left {10, 12}
-KB Swing {26, 28}

Second Section:
-25# side step ups (right) {16, 17}
-same for left {17, 15}
-Toyotas {35, 27}
-Right Arm KB Swing {23, 25}
-Left Arm KB Swing {24, 25}
-Double Jump Burpees {8, 8}

So, I decided to go through the whole thing straight and repeat all of it, instead of repeating each section twice… Just because I like the variety. It left me spent and sweaty- and was definitely a challenge (hello 35# presses!).

Also I want to mention a great article and video that I saw this morning on dirty swings. It’s great for anyone to check out- so that you can visualize what your swing should look (and feel) like. So head on over to Girls Gone Strong and check it out- its a quick read and very informative.

See you next time!


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