Kettlebell Day: 12/24/12


Today had to be an uber quick but effective workout as today was a crazy busy day. So I did a HIIT workout that posted recently when she also found herself cramped for time. It took me 19 minutes total (and felt quicker than that)- I was done before the brownies were!

Here it is:
-25# Goblet Squat
-25# Kettlebell swing
-25# Curtsey Lunge
-Burpee (unless I note otherwise, my burpees are always *with* a push-up at the bottom)
-Toyotas (she calls them dynamic squats)
-25# Kettlebell Swing
-45# standing military press
(Work 20 seconds, Rest 20 seconds, go for 3 rounds… I rested for 1minute between each round)

I substituted Toyotas for the bench jumps that she did- as I don’t have a bench. Quick, intense, effective… And that’s exactly what I needed today.

Tomorrow I will take the day off to celebrate Christmas with my family…I have so much to be thankful for- especially all of the changes from this time last year to now. See you Wednesday!

Merry Christmas!


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