Running Day: 12/17/12 ~ Active Rest… Sort of.

I was so excited to receive a message from an acquaintance… She wanted to run together as she is re-starting her fitness program.  I was ready to go RIGHT NOW as today is an active rest day for me- and helping a friend start up on her W1D1 on Couch to 5K would certainly count (to me anyway).  So, a whole 30 minutes after we chatted- we were running (props to Mr. S and her Daughter for supporting our endeavors with a paleo fix and childcare help!). I had so much fun working out with another Chick!
Afterwards, I was still so giddy/pumped/hyper that I ran another 1.8 in <15minutes after we were done with her program.  And I must brag on her- she did 2.75 while very sore and without her inhaler. Pretty freaking badass in my book! So today’s work out:

-2.75 with friend (I ran 5 hill sprints during the run/walk as they made themselves available to me)
-1.8 run at 90% of my race pace.

For a rest day- I am pretty stoked!  See you tomorrow… Kettlebell day 🙂



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