Weightlifting Day: 12/16/12

Weightlifting Day! Yea!
Mr. S had to run errands before we hit the road- so I couldn’t go real heavy… Boo!
Since I couldn’t go too heavy I decided to regress all of the weight down and go for slightly higher reps and more sets. I usually do 4 sets for 6-8 reps with more challenging weight. Today my goal was at least 5 sets- 6 if I could muster it up, and more than 8 reps each set- aiming for 10 if I could get it.
– 95lb Deadlifts: 6 sets of 10 (omg!)
– 20lb (each hand) Bent Over Dumbbell Rows: 6 sets of 10
– 65lb Squats: 4 sets of 10, 5th set was 12- woot!
– 65lb Standing Military Presses: 1st set was 10, then 4 sets of 6.

I was starting to come apart (meaning I felt my form wanting to deteriorate) on the standing military presses. 65lbs is my max weight so far on those- so I just went for sets of 6 (which were still hard, thank you very much- lol) after that first monster set of 10.

See you next time!


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