Spartan WOD day: 12/15/12


Today’s workout was brought to you courtesy of the Spartan Race WOD (Work Out of the Day). You can check out the work out and also subscribe to their daily WOD emails here.

Mr. S worked out with me today! Wooooot! I cannot express how much more fun it is to workout with someone else. Granted, sometimes I just need to cuss alone during my workouts… But I do crave having company.

Our neighborhood is about 3/4’s mile long per lap. So we modified the Spartan workout – and did the burpees, push-ups and squats after each lap. (We didn’t do the crunches as the ground was sopping wet). We ended up with 4 laps (2.8 miles total according to the GPS)- and finished the whole thing in 40 minutes! We were both pretty stoked with the time… Especially since that includes us both swearing at the creator of burpees, and some pushing around of one another during the run.

Seriously- Mr S may or may not have slapped my hind quarters to show off in front of the neighbors, and then later tried to impersonate the Spartan Gladiator (that tries to kill you at the end of the race with a giant q-tip). He was advised that he would have been castrated in front of the same said neighbors had I not been so out of breath. No really. I am not kidding. I saw fire.
So here is the breakdown of the workout:
-run 3/4 mile
-10 push ups
-10 squats
-10 burpees
Repeated 4 times.

So that means we totaled out 40 of each move and 2.8 miles running. Aroo!

Tomorrow should be a heavy lifting day before we go to Chattanooga to shoot my dear cousins engagement pictures and then have dinner with my Aunt and Uncle afterwards (read: naughty naughty food will be enjoyed by all). Cross your fingers that Mr S and I get it done before lift off time. 🙂

Next Time!


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